Beyond a salon

​As a new business owner this year has not been easy. I have worked tirelessly many nights until 4 am just to figure out the next step to guarantee my doors will stay open in a society that is not always open armed. I have been handed 3 lawsuits in one year and thus had to give up over half of the luxuries I had once allowed myself-but this is not a sad story…

Three weeks after opening my dream salon I found myself involved in a very petty but costly lawsuit with a previous employer. It was a very terrifying circumstance to say the least but through this I was blessed with an incredible gift. I finally met someone I had worked side by side with for months, yet knew nothing but my own assumptions about. I suddenly had a friend because we were involved in a life changing experience together.

While this event has changed our lives, the change we have had from the unwavering friendship we have created is something I couldn’t live without. I have been completely ripped off by just about everyone I have been in contact with since signing the lease. However, I was able to see the people who gave life into a once hopeless cause.

A friend I never knew I had, who dedicated countless hours, supplies, tools, and inspiration-for free. This person, my friend, may never understand how often I sit back and thank him, but I know. My vision would have no value if not for a friend that I cannot live without.

Then, there’s the friend I never expected to meet. The ‘hired contractor’ who makes my environmental impact possible every single day at anytime of the day. He is now my late night political confidant, my ‘lets be weird’ comrade, and my friend who truly gets what it means to feel misunderstood-and doesn’t give a shit!

Then, I have my girls. They are not employees. That word does not exist at Selphi. We are family. When I stress, they stress. When its time to get shit done, they get shit done! These girls rally and prove that what I am trying to achieve is very much possible. Without these girls, I am just a hairstylist with big dreams. I can’t force people to understand what all of this is about. Its all about openness and honesty. The raw feeling you get at Selphi is complete transparency. I never expected to find people who wanted to work side by side with me and never even have to speak about what this movement is about. These girls are the movement and without them everything I have dreamed would only be a partial reality.

Reviews from your clients is without a doubt the most crucial touch in a business such as ours success. We have had a couple of negative reviews, which is to be expected. What I never expected was how personal our clients would get when writing reviews about us. Using words like “the energy is amazing”, “the vibes are beautiful”, and “the women are all amazing, and it feels like a loving family everytime”. Our clients actually get us. Not only do they get us, but they find the most beautiful ways to show us and tell us that they get us. Then they tell the world that they get us! The amount of love that comes our way on a daily basis is a feeling that is unexplainable.

People said I was crazy, that what I was trying to achieve couldn’t be done. Or its too soon, people wont get it. But its not those peoples call to make, Its ours! By many standards Selphi may never be a success, that is yet to be seen and highly doubtful. By my standards, it already is. And without every single person that has been involved positively and negatively it would be nothing. And I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. So yes it has been a tough year, but every second was more than worth it.
Cheers to 2017, Love Carissa!

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