Us vs. The world

We all have different faces and come from different places but one thing is for sure…..  We as women need to stick together. It’s such a beautiful thing to work in an establishment where all of the women are about sticking together and lifting one another up. It’s easy to gossip about one another, but why do that when you can literally brighten up your day and another woman’s day with just a simple compliment. When you can work with a group of women and respect them for who they are speaks volumes. In a world like today I feel as if women are focused on all the wrong things when it comes to connecting with another woman. It’s not about how pretty, rich, popular, and etc ( The list can go on and on) that a woman is. It’s about accepting that woman for who she is, maybe even learning a thing or two. Embrace being surrounded by so many different women. We are all beautiful and powerful I think it’s time we start acknowledging that, but remain humble and stay confident my loves. If we unite we can take over the world, for every great deed that has ever been done has been supported by a woman.

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