Selphi Eco Salon is the first of its kind. We are as committed to reducing our carbon footprint as we are to the health of our clients and the quality of our work. Selphi Eco salon takes great pride is utilizing 100% renewable energy, PETA certified chemical and cruelty free color and products, and zero waste recycling procedures. We also eliminate water waste by using biodegradable towels in place of traditional wash and reuse salon towels. Additionally, we have eliminated all plastics and vinyl from our salon and donate 10% of retail sales to reduce carbon offset. We believe that by creating a more uplifting and encouraging atmosphere for each other and our clients we can create a revolutionary trend in the hair care industry. One where you don't have to sacrifice your morals, budget, or comfort to have beautiful hair. Call today to schedule a free consultation! We cannot wait to meet you!

Sustainable Hair Salon Jacksonville Fl
The Best Eco-Friendly Salon Jacksonville Fl
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